PPE Committee

The PPE committee is made up of 11 members who meet regularly to make decisions on important issues for the PPE society. This includes planning the PPE holiday, organising socials, discussing fundraising techniques, and this year has included creating a brand new PPE society website. 

Sam Sayer - President

Being President of the society entails general admin jobs, like registering our Society with the SU, as well as more exciting things like booking the PPE holiday, and everything in between. My role largely consists of being a point of contact between staff, such as the PPE course coordinator and director, and all of the students. I will also be chairing all of the Committee meetings. Furthermore, it will be my job to introduce all the new PPE students to the committee come freshers' week; this will be a chance to ask us any questions you may have! This includes any academic related questions, for example about modules or lecturers, or just general queries about life away from home or about the Society. In this vein, feel free to find me on Facebook and ask me anything PPE related before then, and I'll be more than happy to help out!

As a final note, I'd just like to say that the PPE Society is an extensive network of wonderful people, and the best way to get the most out of university- in my experience as well as my opinion- is to dive into our Society with both feet. We are naturally a like-minded bunch, and you will quite likely meet friends for life within our ranks.

Eloise Peck - Vice President

Welcome to the Manchester PPE society! I am Eloise and I am excited to be the Vice President of Manchester’s PPE Society in my final year. My role includes looking for new sponsors and maintaining a good relationship with them, purchasing PPE hoodies and connecting the society to PPE alumni. This year, I hope to purchase sports tops for PPE’s netball and football teams. I am looking forward to contacting alumni and involving them in some of our speakers’ or careers events to showcase the different paths PPE students can take after graduating. I will also be assisting Sam and all committee members with their roles, in particular I am looking forward to a continuation of our academic and speakers’ events. Feel free to message me and ask any questions/give suggestions. I look forward to meeting the new cohort of PPE students in Freshers’ Week and I encourage everyone to get involved!

Charlie Clifford- Secretary

Welcome to the PPE Society! I’m a third year PPE student, and i'm also a peer mentor. I am Secretary of the PPE society, which means it’s my duty to organise the timing and location of meetings, take minutes and keep records. My involvement in the PPE society over the past two years has been incredibly enjoyable and I urge you to get stuck in wherever you can if you want to make the most of your university experience. Anyway, have a wonderful year and I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Ke Yu Chen- Treasurer

Welcome to our lovely PPE community! Being in the community for two years, I really appreciate and have personally benefited greatly from the fantastic work the Society’s Committee has done to connect with every PPEist in the community and wish to contribute to the community with much gratitude and enthusiasm. I am the Treasurer and my job is to ensure the financial work of the Committee goes nicely and smoothly. For example, I understand how important it is to make the flow of money of the Society clear to every member of the community. I also work alongside the Vice President in maintaining the relationship between the Society and sponsors. If you see me somewhere around our campus and are interested in how much money we have got so far, I will be more than happy to give you the accurate number with precision to two decimal places 

Dan Ramsell  - Social Secretary

 As Social Secretary of the society, my role involves organising all the socials througho ut the year for everyone to enjoy. Highlights of the PPE social calendar include the Welcome Meal, Christmas Party, and End of Year Ball. This year I'll be looking to organise a social at least once a month, with socials to Bongo's Bingo, Matt & Phreds, Themed Bar Crawls, and many more! Socials are a great way of meeting new people on your course from all years away from the lecture theatre. We have a great tradition of high turnouts at our socials, and it is one of the main reasons why PPE at Manchester is better than everywhere else. I look forward to meeting you all at the Welcome Meal, and hope to see you at our socials across the year!

James Waterfield - Communications and Social Media Officer

I am your Communications and Social Media Officer this year. It is my responsibility to maintain and improve the incredibly sparkly PPE society website. If you have any photos or write-up’s of PPE events you want to appear on the site, just let me know. I also manage our presence on social media – the PPE society prides itself on being diverse but also close- knit, so keep in the loop by following @uomppe on Twitter and Instagram. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to contribute to content and to help raise the profile of the society. Get in touch! 

Emma Lefort- Engagement Officer

You have just joined one of the nicest societies at the University of Manchester! I am Emma, your Engagement Officer. My role is to work alongside other committee members to ensure that the society allows you to connect and network with other students while having an enjoyable and valuable experience. Doing so entails broadening the range of activities in which you can get involved to also include academic events, such as lectures, conferences and workshops, and organising campaigns for the society to function as a tight-knitted and reliable support group. Most importantly though, the PPE society is your society and must be a space for you to develop and share ideas. Therefore my work as an engagement officer will be to help you promote initiatives or organise events within the society encouraging discussion and debate. Our course is challenging, but greatly thought-provoking and I cannot wait to hear what you have to say!

George Williams  - Fundraising Officer

Hi, I'm George. I will be responsible for the society’s charity side.  The PPE committee here is a fantastically-run organisation. Looking to maintain such standards, as fundraising officer, is yours truly. Charitable work is so important these days and I believe it's most effective through collaboration. Whilst I will be managing our charitable side, I am eager to hear your ideas and work alongside the society's members for fundraisers. After all, this is just as much your society as it is the committee's For this year's selected charity we'll be working to tackle homelessness in Manchester. Don't just expect to see me running around with a collection bucket though- I hope to work closely with our social sec to make donating as entertaining as possible!

Elwy, Harriet and Clodagh - Peer Mentor Co-ordinators

Hi, we are your Student Co-ordinators for the mentoring scheme. We will be oversee the scheme and make sure that all first years are integrated into mentoring groups with the second and third years. The mentoring scheme is a great way for PPE students to get to know other PPE students across different year groups. Course mentors will be able to provide support and give advice- whether on module choices or general information about the University and student life. Let us know if you have any questions! 

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